Dr. Menghao Zhang

Class 2023
System engineer
at Cytochip, Irvine, CA
Dr. Hongbo Luo

Class 2023
System engineer at United
Imaging, Changzhou, China
Dr. Shuying Li

Class 2023
Post Doctor at Boston Univ,
Boston MA
Dr. Yifeng Zheng

Class 2021
Senior Machine Learning
Engineer at Cruise, CA
Dr. Guang Young

Class 2021
Camera Module Design
Lead at Apple, CA
Dr. Xiangtong Leng

Class 2021
Staff Optical System
Engineer at Seyond, CA
Dr. Eghbal Amidi

Class 2021
Senior Data scientist at
Caris Life Sciences, Irving, TX
Dr. Shihab Uddin

Class 2020
Software Engineer
Machine Learning
at Google, San Jose CA
Dr. Atahar Mostafa

Class 2019
Senior SW Engineer at
 Abiomed, Cambridge, MA
Dr. Mohsen Erfanzadeh

Class 2018
Optical scientist at
ASML, Boston MA
Dr. Sreyankar Nandy

Class 2018
Instructor in Medicine at
Harvard Medical School,
Boston MA
Dr. Murad Althobaiti

Class 2017
Assistant Professor, BME,
IABF Univ, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Feifei Zhou

Class 2017
Research Assistant
Case Western Reserve
University, OH
Dr. Akram Abuteen

class 2016
CEO at Protech IT
Solutions, Salem, CT
Dr. Hamed VaVaDi

Class 2017
Senior Research Scientist –
Optical Sensing Lead at
Google CA
Dr. Hai Li

Class 2015
Senior Financial Model
Developer Freddie Mac,
McLean, VA
Dr. Hassan Salehi

Class 2015
Assistant Professor, ECE,
California State Univ.,
Chico, CA
Dr. Tianheng Wang

Class 2014
Camera Module Design
Lead at Apple, CA
Dr. Yan Xu

Class 2015
Advisory Engineer,
Hopewell Junction, NY
Dr. Steven Zanganeh

Class 2014
Assistant Professor BME,
UMass Dartmouth, MA
Dr. Umar Alqasemi

Class 2013
Associate Professor, BME,
King Abdulaziz Univ.,
Saudi Arabia
Dr. Behnoosh Tavakoli

Class 2012
VP of Signal Processing at
WHOOP, Boston MA
Dr. Yi Yang

Class 2012
Product development
engineer at Qorex, Rocky
Hill, CT
Dr. Yasaman Adeshirpour

Class 2010
Lead scientific reviewer,
FDA, Bethesda, Maryland
Dr. Nrusingh Biswal

Class 2010
Assistant Professor,
Radiation Oncology,
Univ of Maryland
Dr. Andres Gassmann

Class 2010
Sr. Engineer of CASMED,
Branford, CT
Dr. Xu Chen

Class 2008
Assistant Professor, NYC
College of Technology
Dr. Yueli Chen

Class 2006
Senior Embedded
Software Engineer, Algo
Dr. Shikui Yan

Class 2006
SE/PM at Siemens Molecular
Imaging, Knoxville TN
Dr. Puyun Guo

Class 2007
Electronic Design
Engineer ElectroCore
Medical, Summit NJ
Dr. Minming Huang

Class 2005
Medical physicist at
Orange Regional Medical
Center, NY
Dr. Daqing Piao

Class 2003
Professor, ECE, Oklahoma
State Univ., Stillwater, OK
Dr. Baohong Yuan

Class 2006
Professor BME,
UT Arlington, TX

Alumni (Master of Science)

Ryan Wahidi
Fei Huang
Kexin Huang
Quangian Yuan
Diego Castillo